Tandem skydiving near Pittsburgh makes it easy for almost anyone to experience the thrill of freefall!

So why not experience the incredible sights in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when floating through the sky underneath a parachute? Tandem skydiving is the easiest means to get into the addictive sporting activity of skydiving, generating you with a lifetime worth of memories inside a single afternoon! Your tandem skydiving package includes around 15-20 minutes of pre-flight safety training on the ground, so be sure to arrive at the dropzone well in advance of your reserved jump time.

Picture the thrill that awaits you in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You will exit the tandem skydive airplane from an altitude between 10,000 to two and a half miles, and experience 30 to 60 seconds of freefalling. At approximately 5,000 feet, your skydiving instructor will deploy your tandem skydive canopy built explicitly for two skydivers. At this time you will enjoy a sensational parachute ride to the ground, where you will come in for a gentle landing. Give Skydiving Near Pittsburgh a phone call immediately at 215-258-2255 and ask our knowledgeable skydiving experts about scheduling your very own tandem skydiving trip .

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